American football is a very demanding sport that requires a protein rich fitness model diet and an intense workout. Players need great stamina, endurance and muscle strength. A fitness model diet is required due to the fact that excess body fat affects the football player’s ability to move. Endurance is an essential element also, because an athlete has to be able to maintain a high intensity throughout the 90 minute game.

Each team is composed by three different parts: offense (attack), Defense (defense) and SPECIAL TEMSA (special team) entering on the playing field only in situations where the ball will be released (BRIDGE [ball is liberated as far in the adverse land] Field Goal [the ball will be liberated in order to enter it the goal post “gate” side to win 3 points] and kickoff [kick off]). The maximum number of players that a team can have on the playing field at any stage is 11.

Kick off

American football game with kick off starts. The ball is located on a small plastic support 30-yard line of the defending team and a special player (kicker) will release the ball by the team to attack. A player in the attack (kick return) will try to catch the ball forward with it running. Where it is off will be the place where the offense will begin its attack, or series of offensive plays. When the ball is caught after freeing in its own end zone player who caught the ball can be run or kneel in the end zone (procedure known as Touchback) and the game will be stopped, the team will begin its attack on the line 20 yards.


The game of football is a game of yards. Offensive team tries to gain as many yards in order to approach the opposing team’s end zone. Each time the offense gets the ball it has four tests (Downs) to gain 10 yards. If the offense fails to advance 10 yards or more, will get a first down and will still be entitled to a set of four downs. If the offense fails to gain 10 yards will lose possession. The defense tries to prevent them not only the scoring, but also from gaining the 10 yards needed to get another set of four attacks (Downs). If the offense reaches fourth down, they usually choose to clear the ball (punt), so that the opposing team will begin their attacks on the farthest distance.

Each phase begins with a SNAP (a player passes the ball through the legs called the center QUARTER BACK [QB]). Ball placed on the line of scrimmage thirst (field position from which to start the attack phase). After the quarterback received the ball from the center, he can pass, can give it to another player or may run with it.

Fugue (The Run) for the offense to advance the ball in two ways. The first way is to run. This happens when the quarterback hands the ball to a running back [RB], the latter trying to gain as many yards, moving players in defense. The quarterback is also allowed to run with the ball. Knowing all these rules will not only help you understand football when you watch it or when you play it, but it may even come in handy if you want to make some sports betting online. You can use your strategy knowledge and information about each team’s performance history and try to determine which will be the winner, or by how much they will win against their opponents. American football is one of the most favorite games when it comes to sports betting online, so you too can have the chance at winning big time.