If you are a sports lover, then you know that watching games live is a completely different experience, than when you have to watch them on TV. However, you do not afford to pay tickets to every sports event, and where you count that some of them are organized abroad or in another city. So alongside with paying the ticket, you also have to pay for accommodation and transport. If you are a rich person, then you can afford to do all these things, but if you are not, then you will have to prioritize the sports events, and decide which one you will watch from the comfort of your house, and which one you will watch live. Even if you want to bet on your favorite team, you do not have to go on the stadium, because you can check the matched betting offers online.

Best sports live

The one sport you will want to watch live is horse racing. This sport has a glamorous image, when compared with the other animal sports, because it is an opportunity to expose your best outfits, and drink a glass of champagne while watching the race live together with your friends. Also, hockey is a sport you will enjoy in person. The hitting crates, combined with the pace and the ambient noise create an atmosphere you will want to be part of. Hockey is such a fun experience, and offers you the impression that you are at a rock concert, so you should try it in person. Basketball is another sport you would want to watch live, because this is the only way to truly appreciate the physicality and strength that go with the skill. Make sure that you also like the location when you go to an NBA game. If you watch NFL live then you will have the possibility to get a sense on how little action there is between the timeouts and stoppages.

Sports to watch on TV

NFL is perfect for watching on TV, because you are living in the HD era. In person, you will not be able to see multiple games and you will not have the possibility to replay and analyze the game. When it comes to football, the best way to watch it is on TV, because on the stadium you will simply miss the majority of the match, if you do not have a front row seat. MLB is amazing to watch live, but the game is also great on TV. It all depends on your mood, because if you are too tired to go at the match, then you can relax on the couch, and you can be sure that you will not lose too much of the game. You will not miss a beat, and you will not have to pay for the ticket. If you want to watch NHL on TV, then you have to make sure that you have HD technology, because other way it would be a waste of time. You will have the possibility to replay some moments, and this is amazing if you were not paying attention for a moment.