These days, many people like to play a game in their leisure time, in order to have some fun and health benefits as well. It is no secret that many games can improve your health if you respect certain basic rules in playing them and if you also choose to dress in appropriate training equipment, which could keep you away from various injuries that can happen when playing various games and sports. Among other games people love, bowling is a very simple game to play; if you are fond of this game playing you surely know it only requires following a few simple rules. However, you should know that the skills and strategies that you use in this game playing are very important in ensuring you the total score of this game. So, if you need to know what the bowling rules are then stick close, as we are going to explain to you what this game involves in its fair playing.

The first thing you need to know, in regards to this game, is that it can be both an indoor and outdoor pastime. But, you should know that there are some differences in the indoor and outdoor bowling surfaces, pins and balls. If you choose to play this game outdoors, you should know that the bowling surface can be made of gravel, synthetic or grass ground, while the synthetic or wooden surface is required in playing this game indoors.

The bowling ball can carry different weights, depending on the players’ ages. You should know that junior or amateur players can start to play this game by using certain bowling balls that weigh no more than three pounds. Professional game players use bowling balls that weigh no more than 16 pounds. The bowling rules require the players to use appropriate gear as well. A very important item where equipment is concerned, are the shoes. The bowling shoes need to be slip-resistant so that the players don’t suffer from various injuries, which can happen when executing the move of releasing the ball on the bowling surface.

Basically, the bowling rules refer to knocking down pins, which in most bowling games count ten pins that are arranged in four rows on the bowling surface. The player has to release the ball, aiming to knock over as many pins as he can in order to get a higher score. Usually, the bowling ball has five holes provided in, in order for the player to stick his fingers in; you also need to know that you should use both hands to take the ball from the ground and use a single hand to throw it.