Crossfit is the most popular gym chain in the world, and you must have heard about it at least once in your life, unless you have been living under a rock for the past decade. These gyms can be found all over the world, but they are more predominant in big cities. For example, there are dozens of Crossfit Los Angeles and New York gyms. Aside from being a powerful gym franchise, Crossfit is a lifestyle, a way of learning how to overcome your limits day after day. This type of workout focuses on high intensity, functional movement (natural movement patterns). Due to its intensity, it delivers fast results, ranging from weight loss to muscle gain, improved endurance, increased strength, better heart health and much more. However, like all workouts, Crossfit does have some rules. So if you are interested in being stronger and healthier, follow these simple tips:

#1 Train like an athlete

In order to actually reap the benefits of this program, you have to push yourself beyond your known limits. Most of the exercises included in the workouts are designed for athletes, and are meant to improve strength. Do not confuse strength with muscles. There are a lot of people with a lot of muscle mass that have very little strength, just like there are people with lean muscles and a lot of strength. If you don’t see the point of training as intense as an athlete, you should know that it has been scientifically proven that athletes have stronger immune systems, greater bone density, reduced cancer risks, less coronary heart diseases and an overall improved health, that keeps them strong even in old age.

#2 Change your diet

As we already mentioned, Crossfit is intense, and you need to eat properly in order for your body to have the energy to keep up with the program. However, Crossfit is not aimed at building muscle, so you don’t have to eat like a bodybuilder. You just need a basic healthy diet, like the doctor recommends: 30% lean proteins, 40% low-glycemic carbohydrates and 30% mono saturated fats. Don’t be scared by the numbers though, as you don’t have to weight your food or count calories. Just focus on a diverse diet, with lean proteins and lots of green veggies. Mix in some nuts and seeds, and ditch the sugar for the most part.

#3 Pain is not gain

Although Crossfit is all about pushing your limits, there is one limit that you should never push, and that limit is pain. Crossfit is intense and it often implies discomfort, but there is a difference between discomfort and pain. Keep in mind that a trainer’s duty is to motivate you to be better, but they can never know what you feel. Pain is the body’s way of telling you that something is not right, so by all means, stop everything you are doing at the first sign of pain.