When it comes to becoming better, regardless of your goal, it all resumes to finding a number of principles you think about as constructive and working around them. This happens in sports as well. Great athletes are those constantly improving themselves and pushing their limits with each and every training. However, not everything resumes to hard work. A little care for yourself is also essential, and for athletes finding a proper balance between relevant elements is important. Calcium supplements like Algaecal seem to have a great impact, since a lot of calcium is lost when we perspire. 

A healthy diet and high quality supplements

Of course, since we are what we eat, it is important to pay great attention to the quality of our food. The less processed, the better. Also, avoiding sweets and saturated fats is important, as well as a diet full of fibers. On the other hand, supplements also help a lot. We are talking about vitamins and mineral, such as calcium. Finding natural calcium supplements might be the greatest service you do for yourself as an athlete. It is easy to absorb, and it is absorbed only in the necessary proportions.

The brain is also a muscle. Work it

Although sports seem to gravitate around physical activity, cognitive activity must also be present if you want great results. Be a thinker, develop strategies, test and apply them. Your job is not only to be a strong individual, you also have to have a great brain and the capacity of using it just like you use your muscles. Do not expect a coach come and tell you what you have to do, what you have to think and how to do it. You can do it for yourself, and this is how great characters are born.

Although you might seem better than others, there are many better than you

This does not mean you don’t have to be confident. It only means you must be humble. Show consideration to other fellow athletes, although they might seem weaker and not as well prepared as you are. This is what makes many great athletes great. Their attitude.

Set clear goals and follow them

Yes, you want to become better. But what does “better” mean to you? Run faster? Improve your techniques? Fact is, “better” means identifying and improving those traits underdeveloped of yours with consistency, in a measurable manner.