The world of athletes is a world of constant challenges. In order to be a part of that world, you have to be ready to constantly push your limits and break your own records. However, our bodies are not always ready for what our mind wants to achieve which is why sport physicians and team trainers play such an important role in the carriers of athletes. Their jobs come with a great responsibility. Not only are they caring for the body of an athlete but they are also caring for his soul and mind. The world of sport performances is everything for athletes which is why they rarely leave it even if their career is over. Given theses facts we can’t help but wonder what are the standards of care for sport physicians? How much though it is being put in making their work more efficient and what consequences can their mistakes cause? How far can they go before the service of medical negligence lawyers is required?

As far as medical negligence goes in the sport world, the main concern is the recognition and treatment of sport related head traumas, especially concussions. These unfortunate head traumas can occur during any physical activity but they are more commonly encountered in sports such as boxing, rugby, hockey, football, volleyball, softball or soccer. If a sport physicians give’s an athlete a premature clearance to play, failing to recognize the concussion or failing to treat it properly, he or she can be held liable for medical malpractice. This is the most common situation encountered by medical negligence lawyers. One might think that given these facts, a physician would take his time in making sure that an athlete is completely healed. However, this can bring a lot of consequences. The success of a sport physician or trainer depends on the success of his athlete therefore not allowing him to play can have consequences on his medical career. Furthermore it is not uncommon for physicians to be sued for not allowing athletes to play. There are also cases when the sports physician consists of improper or incomplete treatment given to the athlete, which will result in poor healing and an affected performance in the future. These are all serious claims that must be treated with the utmost reverence, because they have to do with people’s lives and livelihoods.

Concussions are just one of the many unfortunate situations in which the healthcare providers of athletes were held liable for malpractice. Among the scenarios that reached the courts of law we have: a physicians’ inability to discover physical abnormalities during examinations, premature of wrong clearance for a sport, not disclosing the nature and extend of a sports injury, improper emergency care and many more similar situations. Sports trainers can also be held liable if they fail to refer the player to a physician after a sport injury.

As you can see there are many situations in which medical negligence can end an athlete’s career or can even cause the athlete’s death. In order to avoid these situation, it is importance to raise the standards of care provided by sport physicians and trainers. It is also important to establish a solid relationship between the athletes and the sport physicians and trainers. As we said before, the world of an athlete is all about breaking limits. The trainers’ job is to safely guide and motivate the athletes into achieving their goals. The line between breaking records and breaking bodies is really thin and it is the job of team trainers and sport physicians to avoid permanent damages.