Netball is a ball game that can be fun and entertaining both for kids and adults. You should know that it can be played by all age players. But, from the very beginning, you need to find out that this sport is mostly considered to be a women‘s sport. This game has some similarities to basketball, in the game playing, so if you are familiar with the basketball basic rules, you will find the netball rules easy to learn and to put into practice on the rectangular court, where this game is played.

As you might have guessed by now, this game is held only indoors, and it needs two teams involved. Netball also requires appropriate training attire to dress up in, to ensure accurate moves on the playing court. You should know that the shoes need to be slip resistant in order to ensure precise movement on the slippery surface of the netball court. Moreover, if you have appropriate footwear, you will avoid various accidents that can occur while playing this sport.

This game requires players to respect certain netball rules and strategies in order to accurately play this game and score in the opponent goal post. You should know that practice makes perfect even in this game playing, so if you practice and get skilled in playing this sport, every time you find the occasion, you are guaranteed to turn into a professional netball game player.

Basically, netball is considered to be a team oriented sport. This thing is mostly due to the fact that each netball player is given a certain position on the court, and they all need to get involved in playing this game. The two teams consist of seven players each, and the aim of this game is to score in the opponent goal post. You should know that every netball player has to hold the ball no more than three seconds before passing it to team-mate.

A very important rule you should know is that you are not permitted to touch the court surface with your landing foot once you hold the ball, so you can take only 1.5 steps with the ball in your hand. However, you can balance on the other foot if you don’t find a suitable throw of the ball. Every team player is restricted to a certain position on the court, something which makes the team-mates collaborate in order to score the goals. The netball rules also involve certain penalties, if some players break the rules of this game playing. The game is held on a rectangular court which is divided into three sections, and another thing you need to know is that a netball game lasts for approximately an hour.