A golf rangefinder with slope measures distances with elevations and weather conditions taken into consideration. If you know what is the slope then the game it’s considered to be too easy for a tournament level, it’s somehow considered like cheating. However, a golf rangefinder with slope is extremely useful for you because it can help you improve your play. It will be your guidance for the changes that you need to do in your tactics in order to achieve a better score. According to golfrangefinders.reviews, the following units are the three most appreciated slope golf rangefinders that you can find on the market and their most useful customer reviews.

Leupold GX-4i

First of all it’s important to know that you can find this item on sale on Amazon. The tempting discount is a good reason to choose this particular golf rangefinder besides its capabilities – paying $500 instead of $700 is a good deal. It has OLED display, it recommends clubs, it has high accuracy of 6 inches. It has pin-targeting technology and prism lock feature which make scanning and targeting easier for you. There are many customers very pleased for the choice of having bought this item, they say:

  • it uses amazing technology
  • the bright red OLED numbers are very easy to read even with the sunglasses on
  • it’s very quick on giving you the information

Bushnell Pro X7

It has vivid display technology – a type of technology which dramatically improves contrast, clarity and light transmission. It also has a 7x magnification and Pinseeker with Jolt function. It’s legal for tournament play and it’s completely waterproof which means that you can use it even on rainy days. When you’re looking through the magnified optics it’s very difficult to make it have no shaking effect. If the pin is over 100 yards away even the steadiest hands will appear like they shake the golf range finder and there it comes the jolt technology which helps you lock on the flag even if your hands appear to be shaky. Most customers say that:

  • the display is bright and easy to read
  • it’s easy to use and precise
  • the jolt technology forgives your shaking hands

Bushnell Tour V3 Slope Edition

This golf rangefinder has a 5x magnification. Customers say that it’s a very good deal for its price. It uses great technology. Considering the fact that it’s a slope range finder and it costs under $400 it’s a pretty good deal. The first thing that pops out on the monitor display is the actual yardage and the second one is the yardage with the slope. Customers say:

  • they use it a lot during their games
  • it has a good price for what it offers