In the past decades, medicine evolved a lot and many drugs have appeared. These drugs help us solve our health problems and fortunately, there are many cases when we can recover just by taking medicines. What is very important is to realise early when our body has a problem. This is how we can avoid complications and we can act in time to eliminate the causes that lead to this situation. However, it is known by everybody that these drugs have side effects. There are also pills and some supplements that are based on natural extracts and they are much more recommended. An example is that Algaecal side effects doesn’t exist. Considering the fact that these pills are made from marine algae, the human body reacts in a very friendly manner with these type of supplements.

Vitamins and calcium from a natural source

Many of us buy drugs and use them without consulting the whole prospect. We should read everything before swallowing a pill because there are side effects. What we forget is to take into account that there are alternatives for some drugs that don’t cause problems. In addition, if we want to be healthy we should remember that any disease appears because we have low immunity and that means that we need more vitamins or calcium. Some people are afraid to take these pills because they think that the body can get what it needs just from food. Unfortunately, this is not true. Many vitamins and calcium supplements are made using healthy means of processing and, more importantly, using natural extracts. For example, vitamin D can be found in in fish olive oil and vitamin E in vegetable oils. There is also a new formula of calcium made from marine algae and minerals. This special alga is from South America and contains an important quantity of calcium.


How to control your alimentation when you take supplements

It is said that some supplements can increase appetite and it is possible to want to eat more after taking them. This is not good for people with weight problems but can be a good thing for the others that needed to eat more than usual. However, in some cases this is not a true idea. People who think that every supplement certainly increases weight, are they not very well documented. These types of pills that cause a reaction like that should have this mentioned on the prospect, so, we shouldn’t be afraid of that. If we find this note on the prospect, we can also try to diminish the recommended dose. Drugs can determine different effects on people because everybody is different. Another solution is that we can still try to take these supplements but just for a period and see then what happens. When we take calcium it is also good to respect the recommendation of the doctor. It is better not to eat salty food, soda or even high quantities of sugar. Consequently, we should try to replace ordinary pills with supplements from natural sources and respect what the doctor said.