We all make mistakes when we are trying to learn something new and we should not be ashamed or lose our motivation because of this. On the contrary, we should become aware of our mistakes and try to fix them by asking the advice of an expert who can share his experience and his knowledge or we can persevere, face our uncertainties and figure out the solutions on our own. In either case, we should not give up on expanding our horizons, evolving as human beings and exploring other territories. Indeed, surf can prove to be a very challenging water sport and the most difficult part is to get started. Nevertheless, if you are passionate about conquering the unknown and improving your skills in any field, then you will soon find yourself waiting for the next big wave. We also have to bring into discussion the benefits of practicing this type of sport for your body and mind. No matter how you look at the situation, you cannot deny the adrenalin of riding the waves.

Not choosing the right equipment

In order to surf, you need to inform yourself about the adequate equipment, which usually consists of tabla paddle surf, wetsuit, surf wax, leash, board bag and other accessories. Purchasing the suitable board is essential because you do not have an advanced skill level meaning that you will not be able to manage with any type of surfboard. For this particular reason, you cannot make the mistake of neglecting this aspect. Instead, you have to pay great attention to the weight, size, length, width and material, not to mention that you need something stable, which will help you at the beginning if you are not used to the flow of the water and you cannot keep your balance.

Not following the steps patiently

After purchasing the right equipment, you have to learn some basic techniques that will help you stand up on the board and handle the paddle correctly. Do not rush and simply throw yourself with the board on the water because this is the biggest mistake you can do. The actual process involves many steps and patience. This means that you first have to practice on flat water to increase your balance and your confidence. After a while, you can observe other professional surfers or ask them for guidance in order to learn how to perform advanced moves. The main idea is to follow the steps of the process of learning surf patiently and you will get results.

Not taking safety precautions

Spending your time on the surfboard surrounded by the sparkling blue water is relaxing and fun but you should not neglect your safety. The ocean can be dangerous and unless you learn how to read certain signs then you could find yourself caught in strong currents. Therefore, you must know how to read these possible situations. Dark colors indicate deep waters and other signs including debris, brownish water that appears because of sand stirring and waves breaking in the distance on both sides of the current should represent a warning for you.