For many people, the memories made during summer camps are the best of their childhood and parents should offer their children the chance to form this type of memories themselves. Sports camps in particular help children develop new abilities and improve various skills they might already have. Sports camps are much more than just about practicing a sport, they are about making true friends and creating memories that will last for a lifetime. If you are still considering the school camps Queensland has to offer, here is why you should send your child to a sports camp:


This is one of the most obvious reasons, but still one that should not be overlooked. These days most children would rather spend their day in front of the TV or the computer rather than run or do any of the activities their parents used to, when they were the same age. As useful as technology might be, it does seduce children into staying inside the house, rather than spending more time outside, which is why the obesity rate among children is higher than ever. The great part about sports camps is that children will essentially be disconnected from all those gadgets they spend so much time with and have the chance to try something new, be more active and essentially change their routine. It is very important for a child’s healthy development to be as active as possible, rather than spend countless hours online, in front of the computer. A sports camp will teach your child a new routine and show them a different entertainment solution.

Character-building and leadership learning opportunities

Children learn in sports camps that through perseverance they can reach their goals successfully and that by trying to reach outside their comfort zone, they will soon manage to be more successful in everything they try. At the same time, there are leadership programmes that include team building activities and focus on the various aspects of leadership. Children learn the spirit of camaraderie, sportsmanship and discipline and thus understand what it takes to be a better team player and a true leader. These skills can easily be adapted to other life situations and will eventually help them perform better in school, integrate easier in various study groups and have a better social life. These camps promote a problem-solving mentality and teach children how to overcome obstacles successfully and thus have more confidence in themselves.

Make new friends

A child who spends the entire day in front of the computer will always have fewer friends than one who attends various school camps and actually spends time with other children. Sports camps are an excellent opportunity for children to make new friends and meet people who share the same interests they do.

Develop healthy and lifelong habits

By regularly exercising during sports camps, children learn how to be more disciplined, more committed to reaching their goals and more responsible in their every-day endeavours. In addition, they will apply these principles in other aspects of their life that will help them create a successful career in any field they might be passionate about. When children are exposed to carefully-thought programmes in top notch facilities, they learn the importance of setting goals and working hard to reach them.

Fun for them and relaxing for you

Even if your child might be reluctant to attend a sports camp at first, everything there is designed to entertain children and allow them to have fun every day. The great part about sports camps is that they teach valuable life lessons to children in a fun way, so they don’t really feel as if they are learning, since everything comes so naturally. At the same time, parents can also catch a break from their daily responsibilities and have more time for themselves. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or you have a full-time job, as much as you love your children, it can get a bit exhausting sometimes and this is your chance to take a break. You will have the certainty that your children are in a safe place, having fun and you will finally have the time to do all those things you wanted. You could finally take that time-off from work to visit a dream destination or simply spend more time with your spouse.

Many camp counsellors have noticed how sports camps increase children’s self-confidence and how so many of them emerge from these camps with a new enthusiasm for sports and how they are eager to maintain a more active lifestyle and spend more time with their friends rather than in front of a computer. Sports camps offer children the chance to participate in friendly competitions, unplug from technology and in the process learn valuable life lessons. They learn to see the world though different eyes and have a different mindset towards solving many of the problems they will meet during their day-to-day lives. These camps help children develop not just physically, but also emotionally and socially, because they encourage them to participate in various group activities and learn new things about them every day.