Accuracy is considered the most important feature of any golf rangefinder, but that doesn’t mean that this is only thing you should keep in mind when choosing a device that’s right for you. In fact, more and more people look for reviews to find out how easy to use a rangefinder is before buying it, on the grounds that accuracy is useless if you don’t know how to operate the gadget. This preference for ease of use has forced manufacturers such as Bushnell to work more in the design and UX department and meet users’ demands. The transition from focus on utility to focus on ease of use is an interesting one to analyze, especially because it doesn’t appear only in the field of golf equipment, but also in any other tech-related industry. The huge leap forward made by smartphone and tablet manufacturers may one of the reasons why people put pressure on all companies and expect simple solutions for everything. If one can get any kind of information from their phones with a single swipe, why shouldn’t they get the same ease of use from a rangefinder? Fortunately, manufacturers have understood the high demand for user-friendliness and now offer smart, compact devices like the Bushnell Neo XS rangefinder without compromising on speed or accuracy.

Ease of use can have two different interpretations. On the one hand, it may refer to build quality, ergonomic design and how easy the device feels when being carried around. Nowadays, professional golfers avoid using heavy or bulky devices on the golf course and choose smaller options, such as the aforementioned Neo XS, which is basically integrated into a watch and you just strap it onto your hand. In fact, watches have a promising future ahead of them, as more and more golf players choose them in the detriment of larger, bulkier devices. On the other hand, ease of user can also refer to the software experience and how fast the player can learn to operate the device. In this regard, laser rangefinders are preferred, because they do not have a learning curve and you can use them without reading tutorials in advance. Course recognition is another major point to consider. Some rangefinders require manual setup, which can be very annoying and time consuming, while others, such as the Bushnell Neo XS rangefinder come with pre-loaded courses.


Sometimes, people need user-friendly devices not because they are lazy or demanding, but because they do not know enough about technology. For example, many golfers are put off by the idea of a rangefinder because they don’t have to go through entire menus and minutes of button pressings before they start playing. Also, there are the ones who don’t have good eyesight and find hard to see the digits, especially on a watch. Fortunately, manufacturers sorted out the problem, so most device from 2013 and newer now have a nice combination of features, high accuracy, ergonomic designs and intuitive UIs that make them a necessity in every golf player’s kit.