If you want to be involved in golf on a daily basis, then the job of a golf course superintendent is the ideal one for you. Despite the fact that many argue that it is one of the hardest jobs, it is an extremely rewarding one and it is an opportunity to turn your passion into a career. As a golf course superintendent, you are in charge of the grounds and of the business operations. This means that you will need technical ability as well as the power to deal with the management side of the sport. There are many golf course superintendent jobs, but unfortunately the waiting list is long. So, what can you do to secure yourself a job?

Having a strong education will help

Taking into consideration that the profession is highly competitive, it is essential to have proper education. Universities as well as colleges provide bachelor’s degree programs in golf course and turf management. The programs typically last two years, period in which you will study subjects that will give you a clear idea about plant sciences, maintenance and business management. By participating in such classes, you will learn how to act professionally and it is needless to say you will acquire skills which are central to becoming a successful golf course superintendent.

Consider working at a golf course

You may be tempted to say that taking care of a tee area is not at all difficult. It might not be that difficult to take care of your backyard lawn, but when you are in charge with managing thousands of lawns you will think differently. The job of a golf course superintendent is highly demanding. You will have to make sure that everything goes well, which means that you have to ensure the turf is maintained and that the employees accomplish their tasks. Basically, you will have no time for yourself and no one will thank you for your effort. Even if you do not enjoy much recognition, you have to do your job and employers are specifically looking for people with a little bit of experience.

Golf Course Internships?  

Of course basic education and experience are very important, but you should not say no to an internship. It is important to continue your education so as to be up-to-date with the latest maintenance practices and consistent on-the-job training. Even though the internship is full time, you will get the opportunity to work on a recognized course and get advice from a certified golf superintendent. You will get a good glimpse of the toughest parts of the job and how to overcome challenges. From a person who does not know how to maintain a tee area you will become one that private club owners can depend on.

Last but not least, you should start looking for employment opportunities. This is a critical step in your career. You can either resort to traditional methods of finding employment or you can browse a dedicated golf employment website. The number of jobs is on the rise and vacancies are especially created for the younger generation. Do not be intimidated by the growing number of candidates. Let your experience speak for itself.