If you are the coach of a team, be it a high school basketball team or a junior volleyball team, you probably know that it is very hard to coach young athletes. Their moods are very sensitive and their morale can significantly affect their game. Moreover, it can be increasingly difficult to get out of a losing streak. As such, you need to find ways to increase the self esteem of your team and use their newfound enthusiasm to embark a winning streak. Check out our ideas for improving a team’s morale.


Like most schools, your school most likely has a cheerleading squad, but how involved are you as a coach in their activity. Do they do a good job? Is their focus aimed at improving team morale or are they a separate entity that happens to show up at games? Lately, cheerleading has become a sport of its own, and more and more schools enroll cheerleading competitions and tournaments. However, it is important to remember that cheerleaders have an important role in team sports. You should encourage the squad to also participate in practice sessions and work hard to improve the team’s morale.

Professional gym equipment

Perhaps your team doesn’t even dream about going pro someday. Burt what if you gave them a taste of what that would be like. For example, you could invest in some modern scoring tables. These pieces of equipment will give the gym a professional vibe and there are several ways in which they can raise the team morale. For example, during key game moments, the scoring tables can display player pictures, game videos and audience props. These factors can significantly improve game experience and it will give your team a glimpse into the lives of pro athletes. Moreover, scoring tables can also help you generate some revenue, that you can later invest in renovating the gym or buying modern equipment.

Team spirit activities

While sports create amazing bonds between kids, when things get rough, it pays off to change the mood a little. For example, during a losing streak, it can be very easy for the players to blame one another for various game mistakes. When this happens try to engage the players in activities that have nothing to do with the sport they play. Take them out for field trips or play different team games. This will help the players get to know each other outside of the usual gym environment and create stronger bonds that will help them during games.