If you want to learn the basics of judo, then the first thing you need to know is that this sport is more like a game of strength and strategy than a sport in which spectacular kicks are involved. However, you need to know that this sport falls into the category of modern combat and martial art sports. You should find out that, unlike other sports that aim to award the players with points, according to their performance in following certain rules, that mostly target their skills in using various sports tools and certain sports equipment, this one involves players that have to make use of their physical abilities in order to prove their force and strength over the opponents. So, if you feel that this game is something that could interest you, then stick close and read on about the judo rules.

As we mentioned above, this sport doesn’t aim for the players to get skilled in using various tools or certain sports equipment in order to score points and win the game. Judo represents a game of strength and power in which players need to prove their force in taking to the ground, throwing outside the playing bounds or immobilizing the opponents.

Mostly, Judo rules refer to defeating the opponent with bare hands, in a fair fight. This sport also involves etiquette in showing respect to jury members and between the contestants. Each Judo player needs to bow to the opponent, before the game starts, and you should also find out that this game doesn’t allow the players to use inappropriate language or gestures.

Judo is a great sport to play, no matter the players’ ages and you should know that this game can also make a difference in teaching some values like respect and honor to rebellious teenagers.

Judo rules are more like safety measures that can make sure the players aren’t injured or offended by defeated opponents. This game aims for the players to compete in a fair fight and for the defeated players to admit the strength and merits of the winner.

The rules of Judo don’t admit for the players to wear hard or metallic things that can easily turn into weapons, which can be used to cause an unfair defeat. Among other rules this sport has, we also need to mention that the players are not permitted to punch or kick their faces, attack their joints – instead of the elbows, and perform false attacks. If the contestants don’t follow these rules accordingly, they can get penalties and even be disqualified.