People can enjoy various indoor and outdoor games these days. Among other great indoor activities, shuffleboard is a game both children and grown-ups can play in the comfort of their homes. You should know that the only thing you need, in order to play this game, is a corner of your house to install the shuffleboard table. You should also find out more about the shuffleboard rules, so that you can play this great activity along with your kids all day long, if you want. This game could be a great pastime for your kids, especially in the cold winter months when they have to stay for most of their free time in the house.

The first thing you should hear about this game is that it has some simple rules to follow and it needs either two players or two teams, which consist of two players each, in order to play. The players or teams get a certain number of pucks to shoot. The pucks are red and blue colored and each player or team uses a certain color set of pucks.

Basically, shuffleboard rules involve pushing pucks or weights down a wooden table which is provided with a scoring area. The wooden table is smooth and long enough for the players to focus on the strategy and force that they should use in pushing the pucks to the opposite side of the table, in order to obtain higher scores.

The scoring area is divided in three sections that get numbers according to the scores the players can reach. For instance, the number “3” section represents the three-point area and this section is the closest to the edge of the opposite end of the table.

Another thing you need to know regarding the shuffleboard rules is that you can score either by pushing your pucks further than your opponent’s weights, or by hitting your opponent’s weights off the board. However, the player that has the furthest pucks on the shuffleboard table’s scoring area is the winner of the game. You should also find out that only the pucks that belong to the winner are counted and make the winning score, whilst the pucks of the opponent that are located on the 1-point area, 2-point area or 3-point area are not considered points and the opponent loses the game. This game is very entertaining, whether you want to play it in one-on-one or two-on-two way.